The milagro …

Ever wonder where that certain person has been in years? Ever wonder if it could be destiny. I never knew that I would get butterflies in my stomach each and every time I would see his message or phone calls. I’ve never been like this or let’s say with this feeling in my stomach. So we all know I like to post about anything on my blog. Well let’s say that I’ve reconnected with someone very special from wayyyyy long ago. Him and I had a thing were it was going so good and then later we both just distanced ourselves. I always wonder if I did something wrong or if I was just less interest. But to be honest I believe that we were both put on hold. We had to get our life together and succeed first in order to have something happen. April we reconnected. Idk why something told me to follow him back on IG (Instagram) and then he sliddddd into my DM’s like a papi shampooooo hahaha jkjkjkjk He was the one to message me and from there on we talked until this day. This guy is a guy who loves to listen, he is full of many potential skills, smart wickeeedddd smart, sweet, kind, generous, caring, lovable, big hearted. Has a mentality where he knows what he wants and where he wants to go in life. He’s been amazing with me and in understanding me for who I am and not judge me for stupid things. I’ve always had a crush on him especially when I found out he was in his cousins Quince, and when I saw him omggggggg he was just cute and adorable like wow hahaha we gotten so close and then like I said we just distanced ourselves. Now we have been connected and picked up on where we left off and I just find it surprising how it’s all still there. He’s just something different. He makes me happy and makes me laugh! Like that’s what I’ve been needing. He understands and doesn’t criticize or judge me at all. Like where have you been all my life! He is just overall amazing and such a special individual who has so much to give to. Maybe this is what I needed or maybe this is what the man from above has been trying to let me know about. I’m happy with what I have reconnected with and what I have found. He’s the best and honestly I am blessed and happy I got this opportunity to connect and get back to where it was on hold. I know everything will turn out good between us and have the best by far relationship ever. My best friend, ride or die and soul mate 🥰

Why … Porque

I come to learn that sometimes it is better to just back off and leave the situation. As bad it may be but to always look for what is better. You never place yourself in a situation where you know you are never meant to be in. And that is how I felt. I come to learn that I deserve better. I deserve to be happy and free from drama. I sometimes which that person could understand how one feels and to see that one cares for them but in reality they do and commit the most stupid things ever. Never have been so disappointed, mad, sad and ashamed. That person could have done way better especially to act that way. It is called having a mind and growing up and act like your age.


Vengo a aprender que a veces es mejor simplemente retroceder y abandonar la situación. Tan malo puede ser, pero buscar siempre lo que es mejor. Nunca te colocas en una situación en la que sabes que nunca debes estar en. Y así es como me sentí. Vengo a aprender que merezco algo mejor. Merezco ser feliz y libre de drama. A veces, esa persona podría entender cómo se siente uno y ver que se preocupa por ellos, pero en realidad lo hacen y cometen las cosas más estúpidas de todas. Nunca he estado tan decepcionado, enojada, triste y avergonzada. Esa persona podría haber hecho mucho mejor, especialmente para actuar de esa manera. Se llama tener una mente y crecer y actuar como tu edad.


Graduation … Graduación

Graduation is in 5 days. I cannot believe that the the day is finally here. I finally accomplished the biggest goal in life. Graduating with a bachelors degree in criminal justice. My second degree so far. Thank you to my close friends and family for always being there. This was the toughest semester and I can proudly say that I finally did it. Thank you to God for never leaving me alone whenever I needed him the most. This is only the beginning. I cannot wait for what the future holds for me. I can’t wait to start my new life.


La graduación es en 5 días. No puedo creer que finalmente haya llegado el día. Finalmente logré el objetivo más grande en la vida. Graduarse con una licenciatura en justicia penal. Mi segundo grado hasta ahora. Gracias a mis amigos cercanos y familiares por estar siempre ahí. Este fue el semestre más difícil y puedo decir con orgullo que finalmente lo hice. Gracias a Dios por nunca dejarme solo cuando más lo necesité. Este es sólo el comienzo. No puedo esperar lo que me depara el futuro. No puedo esperar para comenzar mi nueva vida.


Anonymous … Anonimo

This is for you.

I want you to be happy. I can’t hold on anymore to something that I know won’t ever go right. You can probably make yourself happier with who ever you decide to be with. I have come to learn that it is all just a dream. Everything that is planned will never happen becuase we are not made for one another. It is better that we depart from one another. I have so much to do in life. I want to conquer the world. I want to accomplish all my dream. I want to be happy and always happy. I cannot keep on living from the distance. Maybe others can do it. But I cannot, I cannot keep on going. I just want to end it all because it is for the best. Less stress for me and for you. You don’t have to keep on waiting for me anymore. Why? Because I don’t plan on going anymore. I need to focus on me and possibly try to recover from everything this year. Everything use to be beautiful because it was a love that was unexpected. But now that I live each day, I cannot live with waiting. Thank you for what you have done. Thank you for at least for the happiness. Thank you for the memories. Memories that I will forget but I will live by each day. Take care of yourself. And keep on trying to succeed. I know you will do it. And I will be here clapping for you and cheering you on. I feel big for you and no matter what happens I will be here.

Sincerely, anonymous.


Esto es para ti.

Quiero que seas feliz. No puedo aferrarme más a algo que sé que nunca saldrá bien. Probablemente puedas hacerte más feliz con quien quieras estar. He venido a aprender que todo es solo un sueño. Todo lo que está planeado nunca sucederá porque no estamos hechos el uno para el otro. Es mejor que nos apartemos el uno del otro. Tengo mucho que hacer en la vida. Quiero conquistar el mundo. Quiero cumplir todo mi sueños. Quiero ser feliz y siempre feliz. No puedo seguir viviendo de estar esperado. Tal vez otros puedan hacerlo. Pero yo no puedo, no puedo seguir. Solo quiero acabar con todo porque es lo mejor pero mejor para uno al otro. Menos estrés para mí y para ti. Ya no tienes que seguir esperándome. ¿Por qué? Porque ella or ella mejor dicho te harán feliz. Dedica mas tiempo en ella porque conmigo ya eso se acabo . Necesito enfocarme en mí y posiblemente tratar de recuperarme de todo que paso este año. Todo era bello al principio porque era un amor que era inesperado. Pero ahora que vivo cada día, no puedo vivir con la espera y eso es lo que le mata a uno por adentro. Gracias por lo que has hecho. Gracias por al menos por la felicidad. Gracias por los recuerdos. Recuerdos que olvidaré pero viviré cada día. Cuídate. Y sigue intentando triunfar. Sé que lo harás. Y estaré aquí aplaudiéndote y animándote. Me siento grande por ti y sin importar lo que pase estaré aquí.

Sinceramente, anónimo.

Preguntas … Questions

Karen are you going back to Colombia?

Yes! I am. I am actually trying to go back in the summer and finish what I couldn’t do. Finish and start some new projects down there. Spend time with the people that I couldn’t spend time with. Get my dog that I have down there. Make movements to the beach for a week. Explore more of Medellin with one of my friends. But I believe I will stay for 3 to 4 months. I’ll have my own apartment soon down there. This time when I go back to Colombia I will try to do many more things with people who like to go on adventures and to explore. There so many things that will come soon and I can’t wait.


Karen, ¿vas a volver a Colombia?

¡Sí! Yo soy. En realidad estoy tratando de volver en el verano y terminar lo que no pude hacer. Termina y comienza algunos nuevos proyectos. Pasar tiempo con la gente con la que no podría pasar el tiempo con. Estar con mi mascota que tengo alla. Realiza movimientos a la playa durante una semana. Explora más de Medellín con uno de mis amigos. Pero creo que me quedaré por 3 a 4 meses. Tendré mi propio apartamento pronto también. Esta vez, cuando vuelva a Colombia, trataré de hacer muchas más cosas con personas a las que les gusta ir de aventuras y explorar. Hay tantas cosas que vendrán pronto y no puedo esperar.

Preguntas …. Questions

K.Michelle what are your plans now? Will you do everything now on your own?

I did leave the police program from my school. It turned out to be something that I was not liking. But I did get a job opportunity for the town of New Bedford, Ma. I am super exited. A newer opportunity for me and hopefully results. Training is what I am doing to, to stay in shape and ready for the academy. Everything is all on my own. I don’t really have anyone at the moment to do every movement with me. It would be nice but one day I will. One thing is no one has ever helped me. I have always been on my own and done everything on my own. But there are new projects coming soon.


K.Michelle ¿Cuáles son tus planes ahora? ¿Harás todo ahora por tu cuenta?

Dejé el programa de policía de mi escuela. Resultó ser algo que no me gustaba. Pero conseguí una oportunidad de trabajo para la ciudad de New Bedford, Ma. Estoy super emocionada. Una nueva oportunidad para mí y con suerte resultados. Lo que estoy haciendo es entrenarme para mantenerme en forma y listo para la academia. Todo es todo por mi cuenta. Realmente no tengo a nadie en este momento para hacer todos los movimientos conmigo. Sería bueno pero algún día lo haré. Una cosa es que nadie me ha ayudado. Siempre he estado sola y he hecho todo por mi cuenta. Pero hay nuevos proyectos próximamente.

Question of the Day – Pregunta del Dia ;

¡Hola! Karen como estas Mi pregunta es ¿cómo va la vida? ¿Estas soltero? ¿Estás feliz? dinos como va todo? ¿Queremos saber si todo va bien o mal?

Bueno, todo ha ido genial! Hace poco volví de mis vacaciones de Colombia. No era lo mejor que quería, pero me fui feliz. Las cosas no salieron como yo quería. No, no volví al país casada, ojalá algún día pero sí volví a ser más fuerte y feliz. Como es de suponer, todos solucioné problemas con mi pareja, pero resultó que volví soltera se pudriera decir. Estoy molesta? No. En realidad estoy feliz. Ahora puedo ver lo que mucha gente me ha dicho y es aprender a valorarme a mí misma y seguir avanzando. Siempre estaba chupando en el medio, solo porque esperaba que esa persona avanzara un día conmigo. Pero lamentablemente, en lugar de avanzar fui bajando y mas con esa persona. Triste, lo sé. Le dices a esa persona que la amas y que quieres estar con ella, pero no puedes porque tienen a alguien más. Tiene sentido por qué esa persona nunca salió conmigo, siempre toda a la escondida. Y viendo a esa persona y para que ella sonriera y me saludara como si nada hubiera pasado. Debería de haberla golpeado. Pero no. Ella puede tenerlo. Ella puede tenerlo todo. Razones por las que comprendo por qué no me interesaba y por qué nunca me quiso. Razones porque ella cree que con decirme cosas que me van afectar. No gracias. Tranquila chica, el es suyo. Nunca sentí esa conexión como antes con el. Tal vez sea una señal de que necesito mantenerme alejado de esa persona. Tal vez sea una señal de que no puedo estar con él. Y a lo mejor soy yo que no quiero estar con él. No me malinterpretes, fue mi primer amor. Y siempre lo será. Pero no puedo estar con alguien que solo me juega como si todo fuera un juego y para que él sea feliz. No puedo estar con alguien que siempre trata de decir cosas que no son ciertas y trata de hacerme sentir como la peor persona del mundo. Lo amo mucho Y cuidar de él. Pero no puedo estar con alguien que no quiere escuchar mis consejos y me trata mal. Quiero ser feliz. Quiero una relación sana. Quiero alguien a quien pueda acudir y no tener miedo. Quiero tener recuerdos no pesadillas. No quiero sentirme como la segunda opción de alguien. Quiero ser uno y solo ese. Solo ámame por quien soy y siempre pregúntame cómo me va y cómo van las cosas en la vida. Hazme sentir importante como la forma en que te hago sentir importante. ¿Estoy triste o lloro? No. En realidad estoy más alerta en la vida y feliz. ¡Se puede decir algo malo de mí pero realmente no me importa! Porque no soy yo quien está estresado por la vida. Yo soy el que lo está viviendo. Una cosa para recordar. Ámate a ti mismo y muestra la palabra quién eres. Sé feliz y vive la vida. Conoce gente nueva, como lo hice hasta ahora. Florece como una flor y no para de crecer.


Hello! Karen, how are you? My question is how is life going? Are you single? Are you happy? tell us how everything is going? We want to know if everything is going well or badly?

Well, everything has been going great! I recently came back from my vacation from Colombia. It wasn’t the best as I wanted it to be but I left where I am now happy. Things didn’t go as the way I wanted it to go. No I didn’t come back to the country married but I did come back with becoming stronger and happy. As you may all assume I had fixed things with my significant other but it turns out that I came back single. Am I upset? No. I am actually happy. I can now see what a lot of people have been telling me and is to learn how to value myself and to keep on moving forward. I was always suck in the middle, just because I was waiting for that person to one day advance with me. But sadly, instead of advancing I was going down. Sad, I know. You tell that person you love them and that you want to be with them but you can’t because they have someone else. Makes sense why that person never went out. And seeing that person and for her to smile and greet me like nothing happened. Should of beaten her up. But no. She can have him. She can have him all. Reasons why I understand why he wasn’t into me and why he never wanted me. Never felt that connection as it was before. Maybe it is a sign where I need to stay away from that person. Maybe it is a sign that I cannot be with him. And maybe it is me that I don’t want to be with him. Don’t get me wrong he was my first love. And will always be. But I cannot be with someone who just uses me for games and for him to just be happy. I can’t be with someone who always tries to say things that aren’t true and tries to make me feel like the worst person in the world. I love him dearly. And care for him. But, I cannot be with someone that does not want to listen to my advices and treats me badly. I want to be happy. I want a healthy relationship. I want someone who I can go to and not feel scared. I want to have memories not nightmares. I don’t want to feel like someones second choice. I want to be one and only that one. Just love me for who I am and always ask how I am doing and how things in life are going. Make me feel important as the way I make you feel important. Am I sad or do I cry? No. I am actually more alert at life and happy. One can say anything bad about me but I really don’t care! Because I am not the one who is stressing about life. I am the one who is living it. One thing to remember. Love yourself and show the word who you are. Be happy and live life. Meet new people, just like I did so far. Bloom as a flower and do not stop growing.


New Blog Page called The Blue Family.

Hello! Everyone! I just wanted to share some new information on how I am creating a new blog page for LAW ENFORCEMENT or POLICE OFFICERS. In THE BLUE FAMILY is dedicated to all Law Enforcement. We Honor the Fallen. Back up our Men and Women in uniforms. We post police related things. We give special shout outs to Officers who have done amazing police work. We talk about the importance of becoming a police officer & what it takes to wear a badge. Tips on Motivation. Tips on Training. Tips on efficient Community Police Work. PLEASE SHARE AND FOLLOW TOO!


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